Frank C. Oliver

Frank C. Oliver is an author, speaker, life coach, non-profit/faith communities expert, and Pastor. He is the creator of E3 formula –Empowering, Equipping, and Education leaders for 21st Century. He focuses on leadership development, civic engagement, and community activism. He desire is to cultivate leaders who build great systems; great systems facilitate the aspiration and assistance of individuals to fulfill their dreams; which in turn builds better communities; and healthy communities build powerful nations. He is the CEO of Urban Uplift Inc. a community development corporation dedicated to the revitalization and health of urban communities in the Southern California basin. He is Lead Pastor of the Power of Faith Christian Worship Center, a progressive church in two locations, Pomona and Riverside. An active member of the Greek community –Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity and a key leader in the Greek Reformation movement, F.C. Oliver devotes much of his resources to transforming BGLO’s and unifying Greekdom. In a word, Oliver’s passion is to see the revival of the entrepreneurial spirit as an active and central focus of American culture.