This truly was a life changing experience. I am normally skeptic so I do not say these things lightly. I feel an internal change of heart and it has made me remember how invigorating it is to be positive. I will make sure to spread the word around campus and give this conference the credit it deserves. Thank you so much for loving all of your attendees and meaning it with all your heart. I will make sure not to let you down and be great!

Zynyl Castor, University of District Columbia

Thank you to Circle of Change for reigniting my passions and reminding me what my focus is and why I want to do what I want! This was such a great opportunity! I’m so thankful for these amazing connections I have made! Although some of us will not see each other for a long while, I know we all have impacted one another! I now feel empowered and more open to my goals and dreams.

Kayno Vang, California State University, Monterey Bay

I cannot put into words how much Circle of Change has changed my life. I’ve learned endless knowledge that I probably would’ve never unlocked if it weren’t for this opportunity. I am not only thankful for the speakers, but I am thankful for the fellow students as well!

Anayxia Rodriguez, Northern Virginia Community College

I want to be able to take what I’ve learned here and bring this energy back to campus with me. To: create events that help others find who they are, advocate for those whose voices aren’t heard, and to create a culture centered around community and personal development.

Roman Best, Penn State University