Circle of Change Leadership Conference

This purpose of this page it to outline what is expected of Circle of Change Leadership Conference (COCLC) Facilitators and what Facilitators themselves can expect to get out of the experience. COCLC 2016 will feature 15 professional staff facilitators and 15 student facilitators.

Role of the Facilitator


Facilitators exist to bring about:

Dialogue – facilitate reflective dialogue by partnering in learning and discussion with all members of their small group

Connection – encourage connections between all conference participants, staff, leadership, presenters, and speakers

Impact – empower participants to step out of their comfort zone and challenge themselves during and after the conference

Enthusiasm – foster an engaging and energetic environment

Mentorship – guide, support, and challenge participants throughout their conference experience to foster development

Responsibilities and Expectations


Facilitators are expected to:

  • Utilize background and experience to create an environment conducive to discourse that allows for empowering conversations, critical reflection on experience(s), and “memorable moments at the conference”.


  • Establish a bond with your group of students; it is important to stay with your students at all the designated times set at the conference.
  • Encourage students to connect with other students and speakers and to be actively engaged with presentations and activities through listening and participation.


  • Ensure students have a transformative experience throughout the conference.
  • Allow time for students to set goals and complete activities in their binders.


  • Be extremely positive, energetic, and involved in the entire conference!
  • Model the Way
  • Engage students and facilitate excitement!


  • Encourage follow-through on goals set by students after they leave the conference
  • Follow-up with students two to three months after the conference to check-in on their achievement of goals



Facilitators will:

  • Gain a renewed sense of purpose
  • Achieve a sense of accomplishment and impact
  • Connect with a community of professionals
  • Have fun!
  • Share in a transformative experience
  • Learn from a diverse group of students, leaders, speakers, and panelists




For more information,
please contact our facilitator coordinators for the Circle of Change Leadership Conference at facilitators@circleofchangeleadershipconference.com for more information.