Sharzad Mozaffar

Saint Mary’s College of California

Sharzad Mozaffar is originally from the United Kingdom, but is also a proud Californian; currently working as a High Potential Graduate Student Counselor Intern at Saint Mary’s College. Sharzad earned her Bachelor of Science in Health Science & Rehabilitation from the University of Florida and is currently wrapping up her Masters of Counseling College Student Services degree at Saint Mary’s College. Since graduating with her Bachelor’s degree in 2011, Sharzad has served as Site Supervisor for Napa County Office of Education; working with middle and high school students on their personal development and academic enrichment. In her current role at SMC, Sharzad is primarily working with a diverse population of first-generation/low-income students to improve access to campus resources, assist with college transition, and ensure all students that they deserve an education. Sharzad’s passion is to serve as a counselor within higher education and her community, in order to have an impact on first-generation/low-income students who are aspiring to make a change in this world. She is a committed student who embodies passion and empathy not only in her academics but also her professional work within the nonprofit sector. Her interests include staying active, (gym, hiking, dancing etc.) and spending time with family and friends.